Heartgard For Dogs

Dogs are the creature of oral breed and are easily affected by the parasites called heartworms. These parasites got their name as they inhibit in the hearts and lungs of infected dogs and even the cats. Hence it is the responsibility of the dog owners to get their digs tested every year for these dangerous heartworms irrespective of any preventative treatment to the digs. In general such tests are carried out by the blood test in order to confirm the presence of the heartworm parasite. If found negative, the  prophylactic medications can be started in order to prevent the infection from the heartworm.

The popular Heartgard For Dogs comes in as a oral tablet and is considered to be a common medication for the heartworms disease in dogs. Prepared by a well known dog diet firm Merial, the drug is approved by the concerned authorities for use in dogs of all types, ages and sizes. Over sized dogs are given with higher doses as prescribed by the vets. This wonderful drug Heartgaurd works in both ways as it prevents the presence of heartworms in the host dogs and also eliminate the tissue stage of the parasite well before developing into harmful stages. This seems to be real USP of the great drug for the pet dogs. Hence the dog owners should always keep this drug handy but it has to be administered only after a consultation with the vets.

Heartgard For DogsIngredients Of Heartgard For Dogs

The well known Heartgard For Dogs tablets are available in the local stores and can be given as per the instructions of the vet. In general this tablet is prescribed once in month for the normal dogs which are infected by the parasites called heartworms. The drug comes in a chewable form contains the ingredients like ivermectin a common chemical used by the drug and diet manufacturers for dogs. The tablet has a beef flavor in order to be easily chewed by the infected dogs or it can be given in fractional forms by breaking the tablet into many pieces. Younger pets can be fed with the drug in this method. Also the drug comes with a new name called Heartgaurd Plus which has the additional ingredient called pyrantel pamoate which also protect the dogs from the hookworm and roundworm in the pet dogs.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Dog owners need to take some precaution while giving these drugs to their pets. The dosage seems to be the key in eliminating the heartworm disease in dogs. One should not give their pets a higher dosage as it will produce several side effects like tremors, dilated pupils and even death of the pet. Here one should understand the fact that prevention is better than the cure. The wonder drug Heartgaurd seems to be a preventive drug which is worth a price than the cost of curing the infected dogs. However the dog owners have to remember that the tablet Heartgard For Dogs is made available through a licensed veterinarian and the drug has to be administered only after a proper blood test for the presence of heartworm in dogs.

Heartgard For Dogs Really Save Them From Heartworms

Undoubtedly the presence of heartworms in dogs is a matter of serious concern for the pet owners around the world. Thanks to the modern invention of Heartgaurd and such a disease can be easily prevented by taking the dogs to the vets in right time. Research shows that dogs get this infection from the tiny mosquitoes with a single bite of larvae of this heartworms which will be carried by the blood stream to the lung or heart of the infected dogs. Mosquito seems to be the main culprit here in spreading this unique disease in dogs. A single Heartgard For Dogs chewable tablet when consumed kills the larvae that enter the dogs blood stream for the next thirty days and prevent the adult heartworm entering the heart of the dog. It is the adult parasites that make the serious damages to the infected dogs.