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Heartgard for Dogs: How it Protect from Heartworm Infestation?

Dogs are susceptible to heartworm infection. The heartworms infest heart, lungs and other vital organs of dogs. Dogs may come in contact with these parasites anytime. This is serious disease and you should not neglect until the symptoms worsen at later stages.  You should take your dog for regular checkups for prevention from the attack of these heartworms.

Dogs may meet these parasites when they come in contact with mosquitoes. Heartworms spread through mosquito bites, as mosquitoes carry the larvae of the worms. Heartworms spend their adulthood in the right side of the heart and large blood vessels connecting heart to the lungs.

The adult worm block the heart and major blood vessels leading from heart to lungs, liver and kidneys. When dogs fall prey to this disease, the heartworm lays its eggs in heart of dogs. As the eggs start hatching, the heart fills with worms. An adult heartworm may grow up to twelve inches long.

Specially, dogs staying in tropical climates are vulnerable to these attacks. Heartgard For Dogs staying in others climates may become prone to this disease, if not treated with proper medication.

Heartgard For DogsPrevention from heartworms

•    Clean kennel
•    Apply disinfectants
•    Proper medication

The first step you need to do is cleaning kennel of your dog on regular basis so that mosquitoes do not hover around the dog for a bite. Apply suitable disinfectants to repel mosquitoes in or around the kennel.

Visit your veterinary doctor for proper medication. The heartworm prevention begins with a blood test to detect the presence of parasites. If your dog is free of parasites, then a prophylactic formulation can be used to curb the menace of heartworm infection.

How Heartgard for Dogs Help

Heartgard is a common medication used to prevent the dog from heartworm infection. It is advisable for dogs of all breeds, sizes and weights including Collies and other breeds sensitive to ivermectin. Dogs weighing above 100 pounds are administered with combination of tablets. The formulation not only prevents the dog from infestation, also makes the immune system strong by eliminating the tissue stage of worms and blocking developments toward harmful stages.

Heartgard is easy to administer the dog. It comes in a once-monthly tablet or beef flavored chewable tablets containing ivermectin as chief ingredient. While administering, the tablets can be broken to several pieces and mixed with food. In addition, the medicine can be rubbed down the throat or mixed with drinking water.

The potency of the drug varies according to the size and weight of the dog. Before administering the dose, consult your veterinary doctor for right dose. Otherwise, complications may arise. Improper doses may cause tremors, loss of body weight, dilated pupils or even causing death.

When it comes to protect your pet, you should very careful. You should not think of cost if you love your pet. Prevention with Heartgard is a suitable option. Treating the dog against heartworm infection with this type medicine is worthy from all aspects. In general, all dogs whether indoor or outdoor should be tested for heartworm infestation before starting with the preventive program.

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